Jun 18, 2013

Scott Walker, GOP Did Not Run on What They Are Doing to Wisconsin

Republicans are pouring out their extremist legislative agenda that ought to concern all Wisconsin citizens just now learning about it.

Did you ever hear Scott Walker and the Republicans say a top priority is limiting women's choice what to do with their bodies which Republicans assert should be used according to its Party's dictates; mandatory ultrasound for women seeking abortions; restricting access to contraceptives; and creating a new pretend issue stopping women from obtaining abortion that calculates sex selection?

Did you hear Republicans campaign on Wisconsin adopting an ALEC-Supported, for-profit Bail Bonding bill slipped into the budget?

Republican do not believe in accountability.

Their conception of government is authoritarian, disdainful of civil liberties, and misogynistic.

Who wants to run on that?

Wisconsin's War on Women escalates:

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