Jun 14, 2013

Corruption and Political Terror

There is one area of concern in the United States that is shared across the political spectrum.

This is of course that the other guys' political operation—in public office and in the political campaign—is out to screw you.

For example, there is a striking correlation between one's view of the NSA Surveillance programs, and who happens to be in elected office, as Glenn Greenwald points out in today's piece in The Guardian.

Greenwald notes that most people are fine with a super-surveillance state as long as the political opposition is not in power.

Wisconsin used to be different. A hint of corruption, and a public office holder was out.

Now, in Wisconsin, with the rise of Scott Walker and the Republican Party, corruption is now just a way of doing business.

Few doubt the proposition that Scott Walker is sufficiently corrupt, petty and vindictive to use the machinery of government to screw his political opponents and help cronies and allies, like at Walker's Dept of Natural Resources. Few doubt this, but the GOP cronies think this is fine.

The worst fears about political corruption are coming true in Wisconsin; and someone of Walker's character and limited abilities not surprisingly hides from the people of Wisconsin.

Talk about NSA total awareness, lots of folks would like an analysis of the metadata of every phone number and e-mail used by the Wisconsin Governor's office and Scott Walker's campaign, the Wisconsin Dept of Justice (with the corrupt J.B. Van Hollen up for reelection in 2014 along with Walker), and the Wisconsin Dept of Revenue.

Run the analyses and see what comes up where clustering and corruption occurs in the Walker networking across state government and special interests.

With an inadequate personality type like Scott Walker's, one can substitute virtually any state government agency where the GOP holds sway.

Walker is capable of anything, not bound by ethics or a dedication to the public good. And he has his hands out to anyone who will pay to play.

So petty is Walker, this guy even went after a college kid he appointed to the UW System Board of Regents, after Walker learned the kid had signed a recall Walker petition in 2011.

The college student did not even vote in the election, Patrick Marley and Karen Herzog report.

In fact, the former appointee signed the Recall Walker petition because his mother is a part-time teacher, so he wanted to show his mother some soldiarity. Report Marley and Herzog:

"Joshua Inglett, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville engineering student, did not vote in the actual recall election … Inglett, 20, on Thursday said he signed the petition outside a department store as a show of support for his mom, who at the time was a substitute teacher."

As future revelations about Scott Walker corruption come out, no one should be surprised.

Trust me, you hear lots more.

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