Jun 29, 2013

BusinessJournal: Scott Walker is 40th out 45 Governors Taking Office Before 2013

Came by this by way of the Democurmudgeon blog.

Businessjournal gives Scott Walker a jobs-creating rating that is typical; Walker brings up the bottom.

The [Businessjournal] On Numbers analysis ranked 45 current governors, excluding five who only took office this year, "based on a comparison of the annual growth rate for his or her state and the corresponding figure for the other 49 states." Wisconsin now, Wisconsin wow. Maybe we need to take a bigger ax to public schools and the Univerisity of Wisconsin System? The Walker RX is working so well.
Hecka a job, Scotty, And thank you.

Are you consciously aiming for number 50 out of the 50 states now; maybe to thin out the herd of citizens you don't like?

Do you think you should spend a little less time out-of-state raising money and kow-towing with extremists, and get back to Wisconsin, CREATING JOBS?

Wisconsin jobs blues

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