May 16, 2013

Scott Walker's Broken Promises

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"[E]very initiative that's undertaken and every program that's administered will be examined for its effect on jobs. Every decision must be considered in the context of what it means for job creation and economic recovery."
- Scott Walker's 2010 Campaign Site

A reformist Wisconsin press committed to good government, holding politicians accountable, and reporting the truth would be giving Scott Walker failing grades in fulfilling campaign promises, accusing him of deceit or incompetence on a massive scale.

But don't look at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's PolitiFact's "Walk-O-Meter: Tracking the promises of Scott Walker" for such a scale.

Politifact is a scam, a newspaper gimmick flacking for Walker's most important promise: 250,000 new jobs, rated by Politifact as "in the works."

Walker's 250,000 is constantly spun by this dishonest administration, and Walker's performance is found wanting.

Here's the Capital Times database keeping track of the 250,000 jobs mark. Wisconsin is bringing up the rear among our neighboring states.

Such data should be kept by every media outlet.

In fact Wisconsin has dropped down to 44th in the nation in creating private-sector jobs.

Walker also made a promise to "(s)trip policy and pork projects from the state budget," another broken promise that even some Republicans are calling Walker on, as noted by Bill Lueders in Isthmus.

Consider taxes. Walker hiked taxes on seniors and working families by nearly $70 million, as noted by Melissa Baldauff.

Education, check out Walker's 2010 site; in fact pick any issue and Walker has failed miserably.

But the jobs promise is the most egregious of Walker's broken promises, aka lies:

Presenting Scott Walker's 68 Page Plan to Create 250,000 Jobs

After Scott's big primary victory, he has been traveling the state to spread the word about his plan to get government out of the way to allow the private sector to create 250,000 jobs during his first term. ...
One could talk about Walker's secret agenda as well.

About that "Cline Group’s Wisconsin-based subsidiary Gogebic Taconite’s proposed $1.5 billion open pit iron mine in the Penokee Range south of Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin’s Ashland and Iron counties."

That's one hell of bomb to drop on the Wisconsin people.

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