May 17, 2013

GOP-Tea Party Extemists on Display

Tea Party Rally in Madison, Wisconsin
Photo by Jesse Russell
UpdateRon Brownstein writes, "polarization is even worse now, owing to Obama derangement syndrome and tea party hubris," that may backfire on the GOP.

From a purely political perspective, the Democratic Party is salivating at the prospect that House Ways and Means Committee Chair Dave Camp (R-Michigan) and some Tea Party company are charging the White House as guilty of a "culture of cover-ups and political intimidation" in the GOP hearings.

The IRS checking into billionaire-funded AstroTurf schemes using 501(c)(4) status to further electoral objectives feeds into the crazed, rightwing fantasies about President Obama.

And Repubs like Rep. Camp just need to keep on talking, spouting every loony theory of which they are capable.

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