Mar 7, 2013

GOP Scams Are Bad Politics, You Know

Fun in Florida in March for Scott Walker
at $5,000 per-person fundraiser
When former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson finally acceded to GOP pleas to run for the U.S. Senate in 2012, many GOP politicos were pleased.

The race between Thompson and now Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) became a toss-up, instead lean-Democratic race.

Wisconsin, with a Democratic ticket that included Baldwin, President Obama and many other progressive forces mobilized voters, and easily beat the national voter turn-out of 58 percent with Wisconsin's turnout at 70 percent, near the top of the nation.

Wisconsin GOP forces of course want that 70-percent figure lower.

Baldwin decisively beat Thompson, 51 percent to 45 percent.

Baldwin won her race with a campaign that stressed her long career of public service; and a long career on the part of Thompson who morphed dramatically into a tool for huge-moneyed, anti-public interests.

"Tommy Thompson: He's not for you anymore," became the defining theme of the campaign.

Thompson had in so many words turned: Corrupt and hypocritical ... there's Thompson and his black limo in D.C., living it up as a lobbyist and making $Millions.

It's no stretch to see that the national Republican Party, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and the Wisconsin Republican Party are equally corrupt.

Tammy Baldwin - (In These Times; Dec. 28, 1992)
- One month after first being elected to
the Wisconsin State Assembly. -
In the 2012 US Senate race, Baldwin hammered
GOP champ, Tommy Thompson as corrupt
Look for this message to get through.
Take Scott Walker.

In rejecting $4 billion in federal Medicaid money, Scott Walker actually said: "I care too much about the people of this state not to empower them to control their own destiny." (Stein. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Feb. 13, 2013)

Okay then, Scott Walker.

You will be rejecting all tax-payer-financed money paying for your family health plan, your pension, meals, transportation and your housing.

Yes? We're sure you don't want to disempower yourself with all this public assistance.

Retroactively, we can assume, you will be paying back public money to the state of Wisconsin and Milwaukee County, for the past 20 years, correct? And not from your campaign fund; we'll take it from you checking account, please.

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