Mar 5, 2013

Citizens Media Writer Is Right to Flip off GOP Legislature

Hematite, writing for the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, concludes: "The State Legislature does not deserve respect. And neither does the Wisconsin press."

The writer is correct on both counts.

An obscene gesture made in the Wisconsin Senate Chamber by the Citizens Media writer resulting in the loss of press credentials is amusing; the gesture that is.

What the Republican Party is doing to Wisconsin is a disgrace.

Even less amusing is the complicity of Lee Enterprises Inc's media outlets, the Wisconsin State Journal, Gannett Company newspapers across the state, Journal Communications Inc. and virtually all of Wisconsin broadcast media, except seemingly Tony Galli of WKOW.

Stenography in the service of corruption is obscene.

Face it; the Wisconsin legislature is a den of corruption and lies. And the media's failure to note this is obscene.

Good for Hematite, though I would have held a sign reading, "Fucking liars.' It's a matter of taste, and a fleeting respect for representative democracy.

As Aaron Sorkin, creator of The Newsroom said:

Nobody uses the word lie anymore. Suddenly, everything is “a difference of opinion.” If the entire House Republican caucus were to walk onto the floor one day and say “The Earth is flat,” the headline on the New York Times the next day would read “Democrats and Republicans Can’t Agree on Shape of Earth.” I don’t believe the truth always lies in the middle. I don’t believe there are two sides to every argument. I think the facts are the center. And watching the news abandon the facts in favor of “fairness” is what’s troubling to me.
Do check out The "Newsroom" Season 2, expected to premiere in June on HBO.

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