Jul 24, 2012

Desperate Kelda Helen Roys Goes Even-More-Negative

Kelda Roys - Man, you stink. Wrong party, Kelda!

Update II: Cap Times: A negative ad backfires. "Roys ad was so absurd -- suggesting that Pocan, the Legislature's most consistent critic of corporate abuses, had somehow turned into a corporate stooge -- that it provoked an immediate response from one of her most prominent supporters."

Update: State Rep rescinds endorsement of Roys over her  negative and false ad.

"What do we really know about politician Mark Pocan? ... He could have stood up to Walker. But instead Mark Pocan caved in," warns the dire voice in Roys' new spot. 

Ms. Roys, this is not the Republican primary.

Look, I think Pocan is going win this primary anyway. But this type of Rovian politics, 'what do we really know about whomever,' should be knocked down and thrown back in the cess pool.

Does it matter to you, honestly Mr. Roys, that your ad is complete hog wash, with no respect to pigs intended?

Mark Pocan, not the Madison progressive we thought, but rather a "failed" democrat allied with perhaps the most despised Republican officeholder in the country.

C'mon. Pocan's "Scott Walker’s Top Ten Lies," is my personal favorite among many hits and his constant battle against Walker. And Roys' "what do we really know about Mark Pocan" is pure bull shit.

Pocan is endorsed by virtually every progressive activist and officeholder, endorsing in this race.

You lie, defame, smear and cheat when you run for office on the Republican ticket, Ms. Roys. It will win you points there for innovation.

Not in the Democratic primary.

Roys is now intoning on Facebook [apprentally deleted now] and her campaign site about her intention to run her "hard-hitting" ad "that talks about Rep. Mark Pocan's votes in favor of Gov. Scott Walker's corporate tax giveaways."

Continues Roys:
My pledge to you has always been honesty, fairness, and a campaign focused on issues. I will never hide behind sleazy surrogates to smear my opponents - when I want to draw a contrast, I will do it myself.

Right. I would like to hear your own voice reading the script of your latest ad.

No one is really buying Roys' effort to paint Scott Walker's most effective and certainly polar-opposite ideological opponent as a corporate lackey.

Roys has served two terms in the assembly and wants that second congressional seat. So, truth and Pocan's commitment to progressive and grassroots politics mean little.

Roys will not let Pocan's lifetime of progressive political action get in her way.

So, we watch the political suicide of a young attorney whose election to the state assembly in 2008 went to her head.

And Roys does not exactly have clean hands in her two assembly terms. She voted with only three democrats for a tax break that benefited prominent Republican developer, Terrence Wall.

Here's the real poop on Mark Pocan standing up to Walker

As the budget chair, Pocan
  • Closed the Las Vegas loophole so Wisconsin companies pay taxes in Wisconsin.
  • Raised capital gains taxes and taxes on the 1%.
  • Passed the American Jobs Act so that State tax dollars don’t go to companies that ship jobs overseas.
  • And is lead author of The Democratic bill to restore collective bargaining because, as a small union print shop owner, Pocan says he's "not done fighting that fight"
Background on this Roys attack

2011 January Special Session AB 4: Expanded Business Development in Wisconsin Tax Credit - Expanded a tax credit program that gives tax credits to companies that can retain or add jobs that must be above minimum wage (150 percent of minimum wage). This expansion was valued at $25 million.
Some facts
  • In 2009 this program was created with a total value of $103.2 million
  • It was a Democratic initiative, it was voted for by 48-2 among the Democrats
  • Kelda Roys voted to create the tax credit program
  • According to Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation it added 6,000 jobs and helped over 70 businesses by the time of the 2011 vote to expand it, which Mark voted for and Kelda voted against
  • The vote to expand the program was widely bipartisan, it was voted for 82-11 in the assembly, 25-13 among Democrats
Here's the ad, running here at Mal Contends because it reflects on Roys' Rovian approach to politics and her craven pursuit of office.

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