Apr 7, 2012

Scott Walker and Republicans Target Women

Update II: "Not even a month has gone by since Georgia Republican Terry England compared women to cattle, and now, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus has gone even lower than that."

Update: Salon Magazine asks: Did Scott Walker just give Obama an opening to drive an even bigger wedge between women and the GOP?

What is it with Republicans and their hatred of women?

It's part misogyny, part political calculation of its religious base.

In Wisconsin, the Republicans are sticking to the national calculation that the religiosity of the GOP base will bring victory at the polls, and the hell with women in the name of 'religious freedom.'

Examples of the GOP war on women in Wisconsin and across the nation abound (see some late-breaking examples below):

Here's a partial list of the latest GOP assaults on women.

  • GOP U.S. Congress blocks the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • Scott Walker signed into law a ban on abortion coverage through policies as part of a health insurance exchange to be created under the federal health care reform law starting in 2014 (the only exceptions would be in cases of rape, incest or medical necessity); and a bill requiring women seeking abortions to undergo a physical exam and consult with a doctor alone, away from her friends and family, in order to make sure she isn't "being pressured into the decision." Doctors who break the law could be charged with a felony. (Mills) No support from friends or family, say Republicans.
  • In a party-line vote Walker and Republicans repeal the Wisconsin Equal Pay Law
From Emily Mills:

Rep. Christine Sinicki and a list of lawmakers released the following statement:

By signing these bills into law, Gov. Walker has opened up another front in the Republican war on women. The governor has made it clear that he believes women do not deserve equal pay for equal work, that women cannot be trusted to make their own health care decisions and that the government should be dictating the curriculum to local school districts.

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