Feb 28, 2012

Wisconsin GOP Tagets Local Control, Now MATC Citizens' Board Hit

MATC President Burke gets too into the ethnic thing for GOP taste
Used to be the GOP could be counted on to stand up for community control. Not with Scott Walker and his cronies in the legislature around.

In Scott Walker's and GOP's rabid desire to inflict pain onto any community that votes against Scott Walker, the GOP wants to mandate Republican state control as long as it's in office.

SB 275 which strips citizen control, and disbands the Milwaukee Area Technical College Board is one example.

Milwaukee, Madison, Oshkosh, and every Wisconsin municipality and school board: Scott Walker knows what's best for you.

From Uppity Wisconsin

While few were watching the Senate committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Higher Education advanced SB 275 after a series of 4-3 party line votes created a bill that would disband the Milwaukee Area Technical College Board. The four who voted in favor were:
  • Dale Schultz, Chair (R-Richland Center)
  • Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls)
  • Neal Kedzie (R-Elkhorn)
  • Terry Moultin (R-Chippewa Falls)
 It is pretty hard to be farther from Milwaukee than these four water carriers for the Republican donors. ...

Without going into more detail, SB 275 will remove small business, public service, and citizen representation and essentially define all of the current minority board members out of their board positions. This bill is remarkable in the amount of damage it will do. It is essentially a Private for-profit take over of a publicly funded college.

Each day more and more people send me warnings of creeping fascism. Just saying,

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