Feb 9, 2012

Scott Fitzgerald's Laughable Challange to Citizen Recall

Update II: GOP leader Fitzgerald sees recall elections moving ahead

Update: From Recall Scott Fitzgerald: "I'm not concerned about Fitzgerald's challenges. He had data entry problems, he reported single signatures multiple times, he falsely claimed we used the wrong map, etc. I've said for weeks that we have far more signatures than required, and I stand by that statement."

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (District 13) is going to be facing a Recall election from the people he is supposed to represent.

His challenge to the Recall signatures fed to the Journal-Sentinel is reportedly a joke, and a desperate Fitzgerald will not stop the people of Senate District 13 from electing their own chosen senator.

Fitzgerald's anti-citizens' recall allies are of course echoing Fitzgerald, saying they have found numerous errors in the Recall Fitzgerald petition.

Absurd. Noise. Distraction.

This folly is the focus of ridicule among Recall Fitzgerald volunteers who say with confidence that the GAB will accept the Recall effort that has gathered over 20,000 signatures, rigorously gathered.

Turns out Fitzgerald's allies in their self-proclaimed 'verfication' efforts made bone-headed errors, including duplicating the pages of the Recall petitions multiple times in their own data entry, and then absurdly claiming that the Recall petition submitted to the GAB is composed of duplicates. :) Nice work, guys.

From Recall Fitz:

  • "I concatenated the petition number and row number in their database [the PDF that Fitz's (allies) posted online]. Hundreds of the 'duplicates' were duplicates in their data entry. In other words, THEY entered petitions multiple times. Duh."
  • "There were also numerous cases of signers being left out of the database, including some of our volunteers! totally unreliable."
Just to remind folks, here's the 2011 video in which Fitz admits His Union-busting agenda is intended to hurt Obama's reelection, and promote the prospects of the GOP nominee for president. At the time, Fitz and Walker said their only concerns were jobs and the budget.

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