Feb 5, 2012

Romney fails to garner 50% in Mormon-heavy Nevada

Intended Temple of Doom

As demographics change in multi-cultural America, Willard Mitt Romney is finding it difficult to round up a majority of Americans to get on his bandwagon, even a majority of Republicans.

By Michael Leon

Romney assures the minority of low-information American voters in the GOP primary: I love the religious right, parroting the ludicrous statement that Obama has declared "war on religion."

Romney acclaims he wants to bomb Iran, and America needs to follow the fascist-outlaw state of Israel.

One can go on. Any GOP nostrum—the more hateful the better—is there for the taking and Romney has taken them all. But Romney remains an under-performing frontman, unlikely to sufficiently expand the white working class vote from the South and Appalachia [and its political parallels in the 50 states] in the presidential general election.

Romney is a more intelligent version of former New York Congressman, Rick Lazio; he really doesn't believe in GOP imbecilities.

"There seemed to be nothing that he was finally and fundamentally and unalterably for, beyond the idea of Rick Lazio [in 2010 a stripped gear in the anti-Muslim rhetoric machine] becoming a senator [in 2000]," wrote Michael Tomasky in Hillary's Turn, (p. 186) [quoted in Sidney Blumenthal. The Clinton Wars, p. 693.]

Romney as analogue is obvious.

To win Romney needs to become a convincing hater and brilliant actor as acolyte-kinsman of the ignorant.

But no matter how many fellow Mormons have parked their careers in CIA black operations; how much voter obstruction future GOP allies accomplish [make that needs to be limited to the low millions of disenfranchised Americans]; no matter how much pandering Romney thinks he is capable of performing; how much money he has in Super PACs; he will under-perform with dumb white voters—a needed constituency for the GOP nominee that not even Joseph Smith, Jr. can enlighten to the glory of Willard Mitt Romney.

Not for any policy, ideological or even religious reason, Romney just does not come across as both a likable fellow and an American Ahab able to act as the carrier of white resentment.

Nevada Caucus Results

Willard Mitt Romney - 47.6%
Newt Gingrich - 22.7
Ron Paul - 18.6
Rick Santorum - 11.1

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