Jan 18, 2012

GAB Deserves Praise Standing Firm Against GOP

View of the capitol from the GAB
Via PolitiScoop
Update: Wisconsin State Journal: GAB "Webcam becomes Internet sensation," reads Saturday's incoherent piece, written after parroting Republican Recall spin for months. State Journal editors chopped up an AP piece written by Scott Bauer, adding GOP spin meant to deride the 1.7 million-plus Wisconsin citizens signing petitions saying they want to recall Republicans felt to be fronting for ideological, anti-public multi-millionaires.

The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB) has decided on open, transparent Recall processes, including offering citizens a live video feed in which we can view the Recall signature counting room staff conduct validation of Recall petitions against Republicans.

None of this sits well with the Republicans who have been screaming for months that the Recall signatures are fraudulent despite not having viewed even one Recall petition, which were filed yesterday by volunteers from across the state.

A GOP spokesperson, Brad Courtney, called the Recall process "shameful" offering no evidence in support of his slur, and failing to note that Scott Walker was in New York yesterday attending a fundraiser hosted by disgraced AIG mogul, Hank Greenberg. :)

Shame won't be a governing cultural principle for this Party as Republicans scramble for out-of-state money to fight off Wisconsin citizens deciding what type of government we want.

Even if Walker manages to slip GOP partisans into the extra verification staff hired from four DoA-approved temp agencies, we'll be able to observe GOP mischief and misconduct live and on video. And the GAB has announced they'll approve the work of the temp staff, so knocking off signatures won't be as easy as the GOP hoped.

The GAB really socked it to the Republican Party with the video feed idea. What are the Republicans going to do, object to transparency?

The GOP requires confusion and misinformation to cast doubt on the integrity of Wisconsin citizens who say the Republicans are corrupt and bought-and-paid-for.

Recently, the GOP announced they created a "Recall integrity center" to check the work of the GAB and the million-plus Recall singers. Recall integrity hotline is: (608) 257-8032.

Good luck with that, GOP. But we'll watch the signature-validation process live and skip your show.

And don't bet on your Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny recall signatures actually showing up. You're lying and you know it.

An open process in the best tradition of Wisconsin guarantees everyone else will soon know your lies as well.

Good job, GAB.

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