Apr 24, 2011

Veterans Come Together to Oppose Righthaven

By Denise Nichols

On April 20, I listened from the D.C. Veterans hospital complex by phone to a legal hearing in front of the Honorable Judge Gloria M. Navarro, United States District Court for the District of Nevada.

The hearing pertained to my case, Righthaven v. Michael Leon, Denise Nichols and others.

Judge Navarro made it clear in the hearing almost immediately that this hearing would dismiss the cases against my co-defendant, Mike Leon--a proud veterans’ advocate--and me.

The only question, the Judge said, was whether she would dismiss the cases with or, without prejudice.

So, now with Judge Navarro’s decision, and because of the efforts of my friends, my fellow veterans and my attorneys (Mike Kimbrell and John Arsenaul) Righthaven will be gone from my life, though some personal health matters just diagnosed in D.C. may persist.

Wayne Hoehn

My purpose in part in writing this is to say ‘ thank you’ to all, and single out another defendant, another veteran who is a victim of Righthaven, Wayne Hoehn, who out of a sense of duty that Righthaven will never comprehend contacted from out of the blue and supported me in my defense.

Wayne Hoehn: A Vietnam veteran with a Silver Star, Bronze Star Medals (2) bronze oak leaf clusters with V for valor devices, Purple Heart Medal, Air Medal with numeral 2, Army Medal with numeral 2, National Defense Service Medal,Vietnam Service Medal with 2 Bronze Service Stars, Combat Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Service Ribbon with Device 1960 and the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm Unit
In Wayne’s case, Righthaven LLC v. Hoehn, Righthaven attacks another veteran, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran.

What is it about veterans—Larry Scott, POW Network, Veterans Today, Wayne Hoehn and who knows who else that Righthaven hates so much?

I have served 20 years as a nurse, active duty and reserve, and I know that surviving is about staying together.

Maybe that's it.

Staying together

Righthaven lawsuits against veterans, retirees and disabled persons that are particularly unable to fight this situation inflicted upon them, aims for people who are isolated and unable to fight back.

Is there someway to protect veterans, active duty, national guard, reserves, retirees, their family members or the disabled from being suing by Righthaven? There should be. 

The big guns right now that will silence this despicable anti-veteran, anti-people lawsuit mill are focusing on subject matter jurisdiction and legal positions that may be read as purporting fraud on the part of Righthaven and its attorneys. Randazza Legal Group, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Fenwick and West, David Kerr and several others are doing a tremendous public service.

Righthaven may find out in the coming months that veterans may be the one class of people that right at this time possess a particular ability to come together.

Below are veterans [that's me on the left] getting together to discuss Gulf War syndrome in the Women at war trailer.

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