Apr 20, 2011

Righthaven Case Against MAL Dismissed

Thanks to the work of an array of brilliant attorneys and friends, [hat tip to J. Malcolm DeVoy of Randazza Legal Group], Righthaven's case against me was dismissed (without prejudice) this morning by the Honorable Judge Gloria M. Navarro, United States District Court for the District of Nevada.

See Righthaven LLC v. Michael Leon, et al; Civil Action No 2:10-CV-01672-GMM-LRN.

The status of litigation against my co-defendant, Denise Nichols, a Vietnam-era, Gulf War veteran, and a retired U.S. Air Force flight nurse—who spends her time when not fighting off ailments sustained in the '91 Gulf War—helping other veterans is not yet clear.

Nichols' attorney, a respected former JAG attorney, is fighting the good fight.

Nichols listened to this morning's proceedings by phone from a D.C. veterans' hospital.

The strain of the case by Righthaven LLC on Nichols is heavy, and to be candid, I'm worried about her. She's too proud to say it; but her health is suffering badly.

Denise Nichols deserves better.

Being a defendant in a federal lawsuit is no picnic. But I'm lucky. I have encountered so many dedicated, brilliant and humanistic people since being served with a summons on March 6, that I truly feel rejuvenated.

Righthaven LLC hinted they may bring a libel or defamation suit against me for God knows what reason. I think they didn't like my references to and citing from the Democratic Underground's case against Righthaven, and my standing with Nichols.

In any event, this site is committed to the defense of Denise Nichols, whose perseverance, support and grace through this ordeal has left me both inspired and humbled.

To Denise: You have a lot of more friends than you may know. We will stay in touch, and I am proud to stand with you.

Anyone wishing to support Nichols with legal advice or financial assistance can reach me at: malleon@live.com. I will make sure that Denise and her team gets what is sent.


  1. Congratulations. I am so happy for you. Don't worry about them trying to bring a libel suit against you. That would bring them even more bad press they don't need plus they are going to be busy with the few lawyers they still have defending the scores of lawsuits, counter-suits, and class-action suits that are about to come their way.

    If anything that would show just how desperate they have become.

  2. Thanks Ken.

    And thank you for your support throughout the ordeal!

  3. Karma has a way of working things out. Righthaven should be ashamed of its actions.