Mar 17, 2011

Hopper GAB Voting Address in Fond du Lac Raises More Questions

Update III: See also the Capital Times (Jessica Vanegeren) report that the alleged Fond du Lac apartment at which Hopper's office claims he is residing is a "$600,000 home owned by a high-ranking employee of Hopper’s media company, Mountain Dog Media."

Update II: A phone call to ask about Sen. Hopper's voting IDs, residency and voting fact base made to Hopper's legislative office [(608) 266-5300] this morning at 8:11 was directed to the phone voice mailbox. Hopper continues to make himself unavailable; not sure what 'threat' a phone conversation would pose.

Update: WISC TV reported yesterday a complaint has been filed with the attorney general's office claiming state Sen. Randy Hopper hasn't been living in his district. Even if Hopper has been living at a Fond du Lac apartment vis a vis a Madison apartment, Hopper still is not living at his listed voting residence, according to the GAB voting database and Hopper's own office.

The GAB voting database as of this morning still lists State Sen. Randy Hopper's (R-Fond du Lac) voting address as: W5192 RIENZI RD:

Search Criteria Data are:
Last Name First Name Birthday
Hopper,       Randal          01/23/1966

Does this not constitute voting fraud? Voting from a place where you no longer reside?

Hopper's office says he's living in an apartment in Fond du Lac.

This raises the question: For how long has he lived there? Why isn't he registered with the GAB at his Fond du Lac apartment, address undisclosed.

Maybe it's those 'security concerns' his office has relayed to the media. Seems a sham though, a way to avoid facing the people he is supposed to be representing.

The filing date on the divorce indicated in Hopper's legal filings [Fond du Lac County Case Number 2010FA000374] reads "08-18-2010."

I'm guessing Hopper was not living in the W5192 RIENZI Road house in October and November, 10 days before the November 2010 election day.

But the GAB says he was legally a resident at this W5192 RIENZI Road house?

Former GOP tool, U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic for the Eastern District of Wisconsin (2001-08), was all too happy to file voting fraud charges even when as Dan Bice points out, there was no intent to break the law. See Bice, April 12, 2007 (MJS).

Why is not Hopper facing an investigation? Is he not part of the alleged massive voting fraud from which the GOP says they must protect us by restricting voting access for Wisconsin citizens?

As the Republican Party pursues the most stringent voter ID bill in the nation, and seeks to end same day registration, I believe it's fair to ask if Hopper's voting IDs, residency and voting fact base would bear up under the absurd anti-democratic, exclusive requirements sought by the GOP.

Maybe the GOP will write in an exception in the voter obstruction legislation for cheating GOP legislators having affairs in Madison with 25-year-old ex-GOP operatives.

Seems a lame excuse for voting from the wrong address, though.

WTMJ (Milwaukee) reported March 14:

TODAY'S TMJ4 received a letter from a woman claiming to be Randy Hopper's wife, Alysia Hopper. The letter arrived in a letterhead envelope from Alysia Hopper's business. The letter claims Randy Hopper, 'started an affair in January 2010 with a then 25 year old Republican aide.' It claims 'Randy moved out' and 'now lives mostly in Madison.'
Living either in Madison with his girlfriend or in Fond du Lac in the undisclosed apartment, Hopper is not residing at the RIENZI Road house listed this morning in the GAB database.

Personally, if Hopper did cast a vote from the wrong address, I believe there was not intent to commit fraud, just a mistake made in a difficult situation.

But with the GOP targeting Democratic-leaning voters now in the proposed voter fraud witchhunt, why don't the proposed rules apply to Republicans? Just wondering.

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