Dec 1, 2009

Deceitful Dick Cheney

Laudable journalism demands that when quoting a source reporters should determine first if the source has an ax to grind; does he have a history of honestly commenting on a topic; is he authoritative; in short is he credible? Dick Cheney is obviously not credible. He is a proven, systematic liar.

And yet he is playing the press who uncritically repeat his criticism of President Obama on Afghanistan. Cheney does not hit the merits of Obama’s policy, but rather wishes to politically define the Obama brand as weak, indecisive and so on.

Any mention of Cheney ought to include the very recent history that he and Bush presided over the most demonstrably dishonest, destructive eight years in modern American history that will take several years to repair. Seeking the opinion of Dick Cheney on foreign affairs is like asking a rapist his opinion on reproductive rights.

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