Nov 18, 2009

Obama Is Close to Afghan War Decision

What is President Obama signaling from China? That we will stay in Afghanistan or we will go? Unclear.

From Helene Cooper:

BEIJING — President Obama said Wednesday he is 'very close to a decision' on a troop increase for the war in Afghanistan, and will make his case to the American people for his Afghan strategy in the next 'several weeks.'

'I am very confident that when I announce the decision, the American people will have a lot of clarity about what we’re doing, how we’re going to succeed, how much this thing is going to cost,' Mr. Obama told CNN in an interview at his hotel in Beijing. Most important, he said, is that he is asking 'what’s the end game on this thing, which I think is something that unless you impose that kind of discipline, could end up leading to a multi-year occupation that won’t serve the interests of the United States.'

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