Oct 19, 2009

Bring 'em Home

Funny picture from a Marine friend in China Beach, 1969 but the young sent off to war for lies don't come home the same.

President Obama, how many are you prepared to scar for life in Afghanistan and Iraq?

How exactly do you compromise with lies?

This guy in the photo is a good man, works his ass off for veterans rights now-a-days.

But don't believe the lies peddled by Sally Satel and the American Enterprise Institute that PTSD lasts only a few years and then goes away. Forty years later, the dude can't even get on a plane without a heap of Valium.

War is good for absolutely nothing.

Thank you President Obama for not swaggering and casually assuming the chickenhawk posturing like your predecessor, but until you demonstrate full consideration of what war is, your deliberations on withdrawal from Afghanistan are frivolous.

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