Jul 17, 2008

Change Is Coming

Rahm Emanuel: First Jewish Speaker of the House and Barack Obama, first Muslim U.S. President?

Goodness Gracious! Somebody, please do something, fast.

Aren't their any real Americans left? Well, I'm sure that we will see these sentiments addressed in the coming months during the campaign.

As noted here during the primary, there will be evolving attacks to define and brand Barack Obama involving what advertising and marketing professionals call impressions—the projection of one image (in this case Barack Obama) onto one human brain (a voter).

Designing and managing Obama’s brand by generating impressions for the benefit of his opponent, it is necessary to merge negative (ostensibly plausible) aspects of Obama onto the consciousness of key voting demographics susceptible to certain appeals based on fear and xenophobia.

The more frequent and emotionally potent the impression, the greater is the political impact. The political impressions coming fast and strong: Muslim, Black, stranger, unsteady, creepy, inexperience, radical, unAmerican, different, elitist and so on.

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