Jun 14, 2018

Wisconsin Dems Need Work on Messaging after Special Election Victory

State Sen. Caleb Frostman
(D-Sturgeon Bay) connects to
Wisconsin culture. Next
thing we'll hear is Frostman
drinks beer, loves pizza, likes
children and helps his neighbors.

Learn from winning State Sen. Caleb Frostman (D-Sturgeon Bay)

Madison, Wisconsin —  Now is a good time for Wisconsin Democrats to sharpen their collective public relations message after the special elections last Tuesday.

When a Democratic candidate wins, it's about the Wisconsin people, not the Democratic Party.

So when the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning began a sentence with "Tonight is a good night for Wisconsin Democrats ... ," it makes me wonder (WMTV-Madison).

Noone gives a fig about the Democratic Party.

People care about what the Democratic Party can do for them.

Following the special elections victory in northeastern Wisconsin, a better quote for Laning would have been:

The Wisconsin people voted for working families, civility, safety and opportunity. We exist for the people, period. Enough of Republican assaults, division, attacks on our communities, pollution, degrading our schools, homes and lakes. This special interest-laden Republican Party is not the same Party of 40 years ago. It's destructive eating away at the foundations it took generations of Wisconsin families to build.
Cut the Party rah-rahing.

When people choose to elect a candidate, the candidate and Party message should be about the people. Republicans generally appear to understand this communications trusim better than Democrats.

Here's what winning State Sen. Caleb Frostman (D-Sturgeon Bay) said on Election night: "I will let your feedback and our shared values guide me in my work as your State Senator. I learned these values growing up here in Wisconsin - treating each other with respect, helping our neighbors when they need a hand, listening to each other and working together to reach our goals," (WBAY-TV).

Caleb Frostman got it right.

Frostman's humble Election Night message is all about the people whom he vows to serve: Feedback, values guide me, your, values growing up here, each other, respect, neighbors, listening to each other, working together, our goals.

In two weeks, June 28, absentee voting begins in the partisan primaries in which voters will choose an opponent against incumbent Gov. Scott Walker.

Candidates should listen to Caleb Frostman.

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