Feb 28, 2018

Wisconsin Progressive Burns Endorses Rebecca Dallet for Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court race
to be held on April 3 rivals the Nov. 6
gubernatorial race in importance.

Dallet-Burns coalition means corrupt state Supreme Court could be retaken in three years, as political tea leaves turn blue

Madison, Wisconsin—Rebecca Dallet is running for the Wisconsin Supreme Court against a Scott Walker extremist, Michael Screnock, for a ten-year term.

Tim Burns, a progressive Court candidate who placed third in the Feb. 20 primary election, announced this week he is endorsing and contributing money to the Democratic-leaning Dallet, dubbed a Sandernista.

Though the endorsement by Burns was expected, the Burns campaign Facebook communication highlights the high stakes of the April 3 general election.

If the rightwinger Screnock were elected, the Court would cease to be a court of law in practice, a reality Wisconsin attorneys are prohibited by ethical rules from acknowledging, (SCR 20:8.2  Judicial and legal officials), and a political reality many voters don't realize exists today. The ethics-free Court today is effectively a coup by anti-union, anti-women, anti-black activists.

Two radical rightists on the Court who were appointed by Scott Walker—Rebecca Bradley and Daniel Kelly—have endorsed Screnock.

In the Screnock-win scenario, the Wisconsin Supreme Court would become a rightwing, activist court that would rewrite Wisconsin judicial policy for the specific benefit of the Republican Party and its coalition of corporate money, white Evangelicals, and white racists.

Currently, rightwingers on the Court have a 5-2 majority, with a hypothetical Screnock victory giving the rightwingers a 5-2 majority that would guarantee rightest control of the Court for the next decade.

A Democratic Dallet win would narrow the rightest majority to 4-3.

Assuming the rule-of-law coalition holds in the 2019 election, as expected, the rule-of-law justices could gain a majority on the Supreme Court in 2021. See chart below for election years of current justices.

Wisconsin Supreme Court justices and year 10-year term expires

Justice Michael Gableman - Rightwinger leaving Court. Dallet-Screnock are candidates for April 3, 2018 Spring general election.
Justice Shirley Abrahamson - Rule-of-law judge; term expires 2019
Justice Daniel Kelly - Rightwinger; term expires 2021
Justice Patience Roggensack - Rightwinger; term expires 2023
Justice Ann Walsh Bradley - Rule-of-law judge; term expires 2025
Justice Rebecca Bradley - Rightwinger; term expires 2026
Justice Annette Ziegler - Rightwinger; term expires 2027

Dallet and Burns together won 54 percent of the vote in the record-setting Feb. 20 primary turnout suggesting the Blue Wave in Wisconsin is gathering strength.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court Spring general campaign on April 3 is expected to feature record-setting spending, massive independent expenditures, record turnout, a visit from President Obama and expected near-presidential-level turnout in Madison.

White racist poll workers are expected to amp-up their voter-suppression efforts at the polling place.

Early prognosticators see a narrow Dallet victory with college-aged voters and black voters in segregated Milwaukee as significant X factors.

The anti-Trump, anti-Walker animus has become so pronounced that Walker is refusing to order a special election for a vacant state senate seat that voted strongly Republican in 2016.

Absentee ballots will be mailed around March 10, meaning in some 11 days voting begins.

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