Aug 7, 2017

Fox Con Falling Flat in Wisconsin

Foxconn installed suicide nets at work camps
to prevent Chinese workers from killing
themselves, thereby not fulfilling their
corporate function. Wage slavery, pollution
and resource depletion are good for the
labor force, assure Wisconsin Republicans.
Wisconsinites are saying, whaaat?
Madison, Wisconsin — Every day there appears a new story on the malfeasance and hype of Foxconn, (Foxconn or Fox Con, Say No to the Fox Con).

Last month Foxconn and Republicans announced an unprecedented tax payer money-water-sand give-away scheme to induce the controversial electronics company to site a plant in Wisconsin, (Washington Post).

But paying $ billions in tax payer funds to this Chinese corporate bad guy is now drawing attention, consideration and even due diligence. Foul, cry Republicans.

From Emily Mills in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

What seems like a dream at first glance, however, becomes far more of a nightmare when you dig just below the surface.

First, Walker wants us to pay for Foxconn to be here: an incentive package could total $3 billion, not including goodies the company could require of local governments, and an exemption on sales taxes that means zero tax revenue at a time when the state desperately needs new sources of just that. Instead, Walker’s bill includes $252 million in additional borrowing just to rebuild I-94 south of Milwaukee, which would become a key corridor for a plant currently planned for Racine or Kenosha counties.

If passed, the bill would require Wisconsin to pay Foxconn out of the state treasury for up to 15 years. It will cost us $519 per citizen, if the total number of jobs promised actually comes to fruition (don’t hold your breath). 
Falling for the Fox Con is an act madness.

For more info, see Foxconn or Fox Con, Say No to the Fox Con, (Facebook).

Foxconn Technology Co Ltd, looks to cash in on American taxpayers and
workers, (New York Times)

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