Jun 9, 2017

Paul Ryan's Absurd Apology for Trump's Misconduct—He's a 'New' Guy

Donald Trump did not know it's illegal to obstruct federal
investigations because he is "new" to the presidency,
says Paul Ryan, (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).
Nothing to see here.

Trump's corrupt use of public office is rookie mistake, says Paul Ryan: Trump is "learning"

As Donald Trump hides in the embrace of nihilistic Evangelicals, House Speaker Paul Ryan defended Trump against accusations of misconduct and criminality, declaring, "the president’s new at this ... He's learning as he goes," (Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

Ryan excused what legal experts point out is Trump's lying, misuse of power and likely obstruction of justice, by offering a guess that Trump's intentions were innocent.

Reports the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Ryan said that Trump 'probably wasn’t steeped in the long-running protocols' about how the FBI and White House interact when the president discussed with [former FBI Director] Comey the investigation of his campaign's contacts with Russians.
Put-upon Donald Trump has not been briefed yet on the FBI and those annoying "protocols" Ryan references.

Apparently, when federal criminal investigations embarrass or implicate the president, President Trump can't obstruct the investigation or work to end the law enforcement investigation under the banner of "loyalty" to Donald Trump.

Who knew? Trump should jot that protocol down for future reference.

Trump yesterday addressed the rightwing Faith and Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" conference in Washington. The religious right group purports to work for "simple virtues" such as "personal responsibility," (CNN).

Perhaps Trump should pray for guidance on virtues and the United States criminal code, (Grim, The Intercept).

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