May 30, 2017

Paul Ryan, Republicans Are Against HealthCare, It's That Easy

Never has a domestic political issue beckoned so brightly for decent Americans as the Republican Party's attack on healthcare.

Here is an issue on which the good guys can finally win.

Healthcare as an political issue should make Republicans anathema to the electorate to a degree that California Republicans became the Hate Party after promoting the infamous, racist Proposition 187 in 1994, (CNN).

Paul Ryan and the Republicans face similar political waters should Democrats and progressives competently push a pro-healthcare message and legislative agenda.

Republicans love the idea of healthcare for themselves. As for Americans, well, healthcare is an earned privilege and not a right, Republicans believe unanimously.

The religious right follows along with some version of Jesus is against Medicare for all and the health insurance industry is going to heaven.

One hopes every opportunity to extol the virtues of healthcare is seized upon by the Dem Party pols and progressives, particularly Wisconsinites disgusted by Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and what in past decades would see Republicans devastated by their perverse anti-healthcare commitment.

Bernie Sanders has been touting MediCare for All of course, sounding a sentiment widely shared among the population.

Will the corporatist, neo-libs get on board?

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