Mar 28, 2017

Trump's Talk with Police Group Is Facism Incarnate

George Grosz, God of War, 1940, Fear of the Other
Listening to Donald Trump's public meeting with a police-power interest group should make your skin crawl.

While law enforcement personnel routinely peddle their political support to judges and candidates for all levels of elective office, Trump's rhetorical embrace of the Fraternal Order of Police at the White House today is odious, (Washington Post).

His message is clear: Oppose police, support civil liberties and you oppose Donald Trump. Victims of police, you get what you deserve.

Trump's veneration for "law enforcement" is replete with over-the-top rhetoric extolling police: "Great," "amazing," "incredible" saints in blue and military-black who equally praise-worthy supported Trump, always a virtue.

Said Trump in part: "I also want to thank you for your support during the election. I guess you probably know, the numbers were extremely lop-sided, right? ... As I traveled the country during my campaign, I had the great privilege to spend time with our amazing police officers who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. And I made a crucial pledge: We will always support — and you people know that better than anybody, you know me — the incredible men and women of law enforcement, I will always have your back 100-percent, like you always had mine and you showed that on November 8."

If you are a cop, and you can kill, imprison, harass, fine and attack innocents, and you have a friend in Donald Trump and his "great" attorney general, Jeff Sessions.

At the police event, Trump pledged, "I will work night and day to make American safe again."

Americans must be celebrating the glory of Donald Trump and their local police.

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