Mar 6, 2017

Banner Year for Police Killing Folks, 2017 on Track for Above-Average Citizen Removal

The NYC Shut It Down #PeoplesMonday action on Feb. 13, 2017
in New York City. Why are black folks not thanking police in
greater numbers? Inquiring American minds are asking.
(Erik McGregor/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Updated data show police are poised to surpass 2016 in police-killing-people action as local police forces show America not just the military can kill well.

Killed by Police indicates the first two months of 2017 would yield America 1,302 killings if present trends continue.

In 2016, 1,153 people were killed by police.

But it's the warmer months that really bring out shooting lust in our courageous killers. One need not be a statistical genius to recognize 2017 is looking good.

Continuing another trend, assorted mal contents persist in their criticism of police killing folks.

"Police killings are actually increasing in the United States according to new data, but because our current president is leading every news cycle, brutality is being pushed to the back burner, contend activists. The rate of police killing American citizens is higher than any month in 2016, and January and February each saw more killings of Americans by police officers than in any month in 2016," notes Angela Helm in The Root.

Ms. Helm, Ms. Helm; (you just know she's black as midnight, and a writer, and an academic. (That's three strikes, bitch)).

Writes Helm:, which synthesizes data of police killings from various sources, is working on analyzing the raw data to see if any patterns have emerged. 'I don’t want to jump to conclusions," said Samuel Sinyangwe, who crunches the numbers for the organization. 'It will take a few more months to really be able to say there’s something going on, and that’s the work that we’ll be doing in the weeks and months ahead.' 

There's nothing really happening here, though Donald Trump's "empowering police" talk may raise a few flags. Google 'Trump on police officers' and check out the results.

Police don't need encouragement though. Just say, thank you.

But consider this: During the Death Squads in El Salvador, out friends down south massacred some 30,000 people. Not bad. We're approaching death squad numbers from the 1970s-80s.

And note for pure lethality, El Salvador is mounting a comeback today as police, gangs and the Army compete for killing competency, (The Guardian).

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