Mar 18, 2017

A Small Wisconsin City Sees Democratic Party Opposition to the Grassroots, Again

Fire Fighters Local 311 endorses Jason Gonzalez
for mayor in Fitchburg, Wisconsin,
(Gonzalez for Fitchburg)
Fitchburg, Wisconsin — Jason Gonzalez is running for mayor of this progressive city, rising from the ferment of grassroots citizen action working to preserve a way of life.

Affordable housing can still be found here.

The City is guiding a sizzling real estate market as Dane County, Madison, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison keep producing high-tech start-ups, responsible for a large chunk of economic growth in the Badger state's private sector.

"Buyers are ... struggling in cities such as ... Madison, Wisconsin," notes Prashant Gopal in Bloomberg News. Struggling as in having trouble finding listings, prompting a construction boom.

An alderman, Gonzalez would be the first Latino mayor in this city in which blotches of white supremacy stain City Hall and the polling place.

Facing these challenges of social justice and a growing economy in this liberal region, Gonzalez has amassed a broad coalition—including progressives, the AFL-CIO, and social justice activists—in a campaign to oust an incumbent mayor who literally brags he wants to raise property taxes 9 percent on local working class families.

So from the people who delivered Wisconsin to Donald Trump and inflicted Gov. Scott Walker on the country, the gang that can't shoot straight (aka the Democratic Party of Wisconsin), is supporting the incumbent mayor, Steve Arnold, and rejecting working class families and grassroots activists supporting Gonzalez.

The Party apparatus needs to listen to citizens more and worry less about kowtowing to the donor class and doling out political patronage. When there is an organic grassroots movement with sound objectives, join it; do not oppose it.

Wisconsin Democrats, specifically the Party hacks, could mess up a sunny, 70-degree Wisconsin day in April.

Early voting has begun for the election held on April 4.

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