Feb 5, 2017

Wisconsin Citizens to Capitol on Feb. 8 for Water Days

Wisconsin families over generations know the Badger state is a great place to live.

A running feud with Minnesota is which state really has more lakes, and whose people are really more nice.

But the gentle folk of Wisconsin have been targeted by Big Ag as entire regions are threatened by the massively polluting industrialized agriculture, CAFOs or Confined Animal Feeding Operations.

Big Ag is rapacious, toxic and it will not look back as its operations devastate families, ruin rural economies and pollute Wisconsin surface and ground waters.

From Don Ystad of Rome, Wisconsin

Rome and Saratoga friends and neighbors,

This all started with a suggestion from our neighbor and friend Bob Benkowski, and it grew when another Rome friend and neighbor offered to donate buses to get us to Madison. And, it really grew when Concerned Rome Citizens reached out to a statewide group, Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network.

Five hundred of us are traveling to Madison next week Wednesday (Feb 8th) to take our message to the Legislature. The right to clean and abundant water belongs to all of us. It doesn't belong to just a select group of industry lobbyists blowing into the ears of our representatives. And that is the message we plan to deliver respectfully and without screaming and shouting.

We are bringing with us citizens and progressive farmers concerned with protecting our water and our environment. All with a clear message about protecting water for all of us. Our buses are full, but we invite like-minded citizens to drive down and join us.

Concerned Rome Citizens

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