Jan 13, 2017

Republicans Target Americans

Republicans target American people - Daniel Acker/Bloomberg,
via Getty Images. (From Aronoff, In These Times)
Most Americans remain blissfully ignorant of the Republican Party project.

The Republicans do not want democracy, human rights, civil liberties, social justice, safe drinking water, clean air, senior care, education, nor healthcare. One can on listing all the humane benefits of a civilization that so troubles Republicans.

Yet, the American corporate media will not offer much help in reporting the anti-people, white party as the anti-people, white party. This accurate reporting goes against the contemporary journalistic conventions of balance, and neutrality to facts of public policy. (Never has there more reason to jettison this ludicrous and nihilistic posture.)

Kate Aronoff at In These Times lays bare the facts of Republicans in her The GOP Is Trying to Kill You - With Donald Trump at the helm, Republicans are readying to unleash holy hell through public policies.

[Y]es, politics have been deadly for some time. But the Republicans—with Donald Trump at the helm—are about to start playing the most dangerous game en masse. The 17 people Trump has tapped for his Cabinet or for posts with Cabinet rank are, together, more wealthy than the poorest 43 million American households combined. If the U.S. government has ever been poised to look like The Purge series’ ruling New Founding Fathers of America, it’s now. And if you don’t have the benefit of being in this country’s top income brackets, the leadership wants you dead.

These are the stakes. The urgency of the moment beckons.

We’re going to the ice-cream factory! There will be a terrific, new health-care plan there
(Chait, New York Magazine)

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