Jan 28, 2017

Oppose Trump by Understanding Idiots

Kathe KollwitzMother and Dead Son

Meaning in the 2016 elections

Updated - The suggestion that white, Trump-voting Americans represent some salt-of-the-earth demographic demanding public policy reforms is ludicrous. White Americans are dumb and dangerous, and generic fascism is forever busy.

Trump appealed to white America because he made racist and idiotic appeals and pointed to culprits, (not the actual culprits but those to whom Trump assigned blame)—corporate America and the corrupt political system that only Trump can resist, its jobs-destroying mission implemented by Ivy Leaguers; those ass-hats from Malaysian and Indian call centers who frustrate real Americans while taking away American jobs; Jewish politically correct academics trying to tell you what to do; vote fraudsters cancelling your vote; and an assorted cast of elites, others and aliens who in some way on some day are coming after you to finish the job; a process begun by first frustrating and then ultimately killing you with Islamic terrorist reprisals against the gentle volk of America, ripped from the decent culture Trump will reinstall to make America great again. It has to come from here, the gut, and Trump has it.

That the above Trump riffs are incoherent nonsense is not important because Trumpians do not think in far-reaching political terms; Trumpians do not respect logic or empirical investigation. They feel and emote in the expiation drama Trump directs as a red-blooded, real and strong leader who simultaneously is one of us. Trump is the ultimate troll for many Americans for whom trolling offers empowerment.

Assorted Trumpians abound. In Milwaukee County the Sheriff's skin color can be overlooked as long as one David Clarke wears a cowboy hat proving Clarke is our African-American who don't take no shit from the liberals and Jews, lib-tards and know-it-all fuckers with no conception of manhood.

Republicans have been making appeals with nonsense for decades but Trump's failings as a human being and psychopath do make Trump an urgent threat. Trump will burn it all down because he is gallant and strong, and real Americans are the only way of building it back up anyway.

In opposition to the Trumpian state that fake libertarians now love is an appeal to humanity. Decency still sells, and exposing the indecent anti-rational is critical.

Dumb America is now less-thinking than any time in decades precisely because progress in decency has been made over the last 60 years. Yet Americans remain reachable through reason and through art.

Art history friends have long explained the power of Eugene Higgins (1874-1968), Ben Shahn (1898-1967), and Kathe Kollwitz (1867-1945). Consider why social realism and critical realism as art movements are vital to civilization. "Higgins was concerned about what was going on around him. He cared about helping people's lives by changing society," said Jackie Captain, a Wisconsin progressive who obtained a Master's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, after doing work on Higgins and Ben Shahn with Jim Dennis.

People remain reachable through decency, art and reason. Trumpians are not metaphysical. Organize a little more, be creative in reaching the population, lead with your heart and never give up.

It's no coincidence Trump and the current band of Republipukes are targeting art, public education and civil rights.

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