Jan 30, 2017

Bannon's Project Chaos and Terror

White House website is publicly funded campaign operation
Many of Donald Trump's presidential actions are inflicting injury to disfavored classes of human beings, as intended.

Most of Trump's actions are communications for now, extended Tweets, designed to throw the political culture, the world, and populations into states of confusion and dislocation, as much as communications can accomplish these aims.

The brains behind the operation is white supremacist Steven Bannon to whom Trump is playing Goebbels.

Bannon maintains far-reaching ambitions, massive in scope, that the Trump adminstration can alter the social-psychological paradigm populations use in relating to their elected, regulatory and police governments.

Destroying earned social insurance programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, for example, will create a vacuum that will be filled by the toughest and most persistent private health insurance outfits. And politically, Bannon and Trump believe they can assign blame to the establishment and 'save' social insurance.

Against Bannon-Trump is empowering people to determine their own future by thinking. Pres. Obama is working on this mission.

Bannon and Trump do not know what they are doing in running the executive branch like a psych war campaign in that predictable consequences are unknown.

By inflicting massive dislocations and implementing crises and chaos, Bannon and Trump are betting they can profit more than anyone else, and they alone can operate in such an environment.

That Bannon and Trump will injure 100s of millions and imperil the world economy and markets are not threats to the project, this crisis environment is a milestone.

Writes Nouriel Roubini, a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business, reflecting the world concerns of many:

Trump’s proposals also threaten to exacerbate the situation in the Middle East. He has said that he will make America energy independent, which entails abandoning US interests in the region and becoming more reliant on domestically produced greenhouse-gas-emitting fossil fuels. And he has maintained his position that Islam itself, rather than just radical militant Islam, is dangerous. This view, shared by Trump’s incoming National Security Adviser, General Michael Flynn, plays directly into Islamist militants’ own narrative of a clash of civilizations.

Meanwhile, an 'America first' approach under Trump will likely worsen the longstanding Sunni-Shia proxy wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran. And if the US no longer guarantees its Sunni allies’ security, all regional powers – including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt – might decide that they can defend themselves only by acquiring nuclear weapons, and even more deadly conflict will ensue.  

Bannon and Trump are like two fascists who don't really care what happens to societies because they will not have to deal with the consequences with the same intimacy as mere populations.

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