Dec 13, 2016

Republican Malignancy; Dolts and Boobs

Repellent persona of Scott Walker shoos away intellectual and
cultural talent from the progressive state. Walker is not alone.
The Republican effort to transform Wisconsin into a homeland resembling rural Iowa is a strategic mission, composed of many projects.

Republican politics employ excellent project management skill and strategic thinking with no equivalent force in Democratic-progressive efforts.

What's alarming is Republicans are not just building political infrastructure, usurping control of most every lever of regulatory and bureaucratic governmental function.

The dangers of the white party's enterprise lay in the concomitant demolition of civil society, institutions serving the public, and individual liberties—degrading Milwaukee, Madison, voting rights, public universities, public schools, labor unions, environmentalists, multi-generational families wedded to communities, small farmers, local democracy, all while appropriating public resources into the criminal justice system and prison-industrial complex.

One can go on, but suffice to note the Republican objectives are malignant and self-consciously destructive.

This social engineering project is nothing new in American politics, though the scope has been expanded as monied interests expend capital more freely.

It ought to be noted that repeated and ostentatious displays of xenophobia, ignorance, and the repellent persona of the dolt—as exhibited by the Evangelical Scott Walker—is functional to the Republican mission.

High-tech industry, gifted artists, social activists and young intellects are starting to turn away from Wisconsin, as the Republicans have hoped.

I caught the All In with Chris Hayes Show broadcast from Kenosha last night. Several Donald Trump voters explained their positions to Bernie Sanders and a small audience.

Brilliant show, and along with the election of November 2016, illustrates an inescapable conclusion.

White Wisconsin folk are utterly hopeless, and the ignorant, bigoted, irrational boobs emitting their nonsense from Kenosha portend a bleak future. But keep fighting.

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