Oct 11, 2016

Trump Eyes Safe Harbor, Voter Obstruction

Ben Jacobs: "Trump will be calling for armed white nationalists to patrol the polls in black neighborhoods by time this is over," (Twitter).

All manner of repulsive human beings populate Donald Trump's movement, targeting more surgically than ever the right to vote.

From North Carolina to Wisconsin, Republicans are at war with voting, yet this is not acknowledged widely as a war on the foundation of our democratic republic.

Dallas Woodhouse, the head of the North Carolina Republican Party, saw an opportunity [to obstruct voters] and ran with it, writing in an August email to election officials that 'Republicans can and should make party line changes to early voting,' (NYT).

What does it say about the health of our democracy when warring with voting provokes opposition from mere spheres of society?

It says we are a country that can produce and nourish a cretin like Donald Trump.

The United States Dept of Justice still has a Civil Rights division and voting section, (DoJ).

Funding the DoJ should be a priority of all Americans. It isn't.

If you live in a Republican-occupied state, as likely as not your state DoJ is staffed with Republicans working to stop voting.

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