Oct 5, 2016

Political Kismet in Central and Northeastern Wisconsin

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters press conference and
clean water rally along the Wisc River at Veterans Memorial Park
David Gorski, Democratic Party nominee for the 72nd state
assembly, addresses clean water supporters in early October
Image by John Endrizzi
Water is life. Right on.

Stopping the proposed Wysocki factory farm in central Wisconsin and electing Dave Gorski over Big Ag man State Rep. Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa) to the state assembly, resonates.

The race in Wisconsin assembly district 72 is being watched to gauge the power of citizen action fighting for clean water against polluters and Republicans.

The main polluters' lobby, the Dairy Business Association (DBA), is attuned to mounting citizen opposition to the destruction wrought by factory farms. The DBA is refusing to endorse two key Republicans running political interference for the DBA: Joel Kitchens and Scott Krug, (Mal Contends, Wisconsin Watch).

Wisconsin's leading analyst of macro-economic and fiscal analysis, Jake, notes this week:

The Dairy Business Association (aka Big Ag) endorsed numerous Republicans all over Wisconsin for the state legislature. But they were notably silent in giving two incumbent GOP legislators their 'seal of approval' for their assistance in allowing them to pollute

Assembly District 1- Joel Kitchens (Door and Kewaunee County)

Assembly District 72- Scott Krug (Central Sands, site of massive proposed CAFO).
Hmmm, why would the Big Ag guys not want to admit they support those guys before an election? You don't think they want to avoid having local voters think about these issues and wonder how their 'representatives' allowed this sh*t to happen, would they?

The polluters' endorsement is toxin in low-gerrymandered districts, as politically hazardous as the waste Big Ag vectors into the environment, while citizen clean-water action is ambrosia.

If you were the DBA, would you kill your two champions carrying your water? Kitchens and Krug are disastrous for clean water, and polluters' support has to be accomplished deep and dark.

Better the Republicans funnel money into the races via public school privatization billionaires and dark money.

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