Oct 2, 2016

Environmental Statement on CAFO Factory Delayed; Pro-CAFO State Rep. Faces Mounting Opposition

Updated - The Wysocki corporation's proposed factory farm in central Wisconsin has caused a political furor since detailed plans were first sprung on citizens at a community forum in Wisconsin Rapids in July 2012.

The sitting State Representative, Scott Krug (R-Nekoosa), was present and told a clean water activist, Nancy Koch, to "quit your bitching," (Mal Contends).

Koch and 1,000s of clean water supporters have never let up, (Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors, Rome and Saratoga Concerned, (Facebook)).

Before plans can proceed with the construction of this massive facility, (a CAFO or Confined Animal Feeding Operation), an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has to be released by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, (DNR).

The Republican-led DNR is sensitive to the political fortunes of Krug, so once again the EIS release has been delayed so Krug, a Wysocki CAFO supporter, will not face more opposition than he already has arrayed against him.

Republicans and school privatization forces are dumping $100,000s in an attempt to beat back a challenge by clean water activist, David Gorski, (Facebook). Scott Walker and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos have held fundraisers for Krug.

So, naturally the DNR is doing its part with the Republican Party for the benefit of the CAFO champ, Scott Krug.

From Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors:

EIS release delayed and public hearing cancelled I received a call today from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regrading the pending Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The EIS release has once again been delayed and the pubic hearing scheduled for October has been cancelled.

Although this does not come as a huge surprise we do feel the DNR is indeed getting closer to the actual completion of the document. No future release date or public hearing date has been determined at this time.

Of course, no release or public hearing has been determined, and the release date won't be until after the election.
Special delivery of liquid cow manure to Wisconsin streams and
lakes - Courtesy of Scott Krug, Scott Walker, and the
Dairy Business Association

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