Sep 12, 2016

Wisc. Voting System Marred by Bureaucrats, Republicans and Racists

Reporting on voter obstruction has noted the policy pretext of voter impersonation and the growing normalization of racism.

Deceit and racism animate the work of some election observers who in turn cause U.S. DoJ and civil rights observers to show up to watch them.

Check your polling place if you vote on Election Day, and you'll see what I mean.

The fact is many white Americans simply do not like the sight of black, brown and otherwise non-white voters showing up to effectively cancel their legitimate white votes.

White America wants its country back so Donald Trump has happily joined the fight against voting.

This fight against voting is administered at the local polling system by municipal bureaucrats populating smaller municipal offices. The human resources at the polling place, typically, are not the best and brightest.

Their aim often is to stop and frustrate the vote of as many non-whites as possible.

To become an election official, there is no test given on federal and state election law, administrative law, case law, voting rights, and the history of fighting for voting rights.

Now-a-days, the Republican Party names its poll workers and not on the basis of civil rights advocacy and understanding of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendments.

The civil rights of the voter are not met at the point of voting with erudite voting rights advocates with both an understanding of, and inclination to preserve voting rights.

This defect comes from municipal bureaucrats, never the brightest bulbs of a community, populating our smaller municipal offices who administer elections with either an enlightened purpose of a liberal democracy or as in segregated Fitchburg, Wisconsin in Dane County a zeal to implement voter suppression.

Few object. This project is as deplorable as it is illegal.

Watch this space.

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