Sep 28, 2016

Trump Flees to White Homeland in Wisconsin

Donald Trump is a long-time, devout racist.

Following his shockingly poor performance in Monday's presidential debate, Trump is taking refuge tonight in the white homeland known as Waukesha, Wisconsin.

As the racist Alt-Right becomes even more immersed in the Trump campaign, finding solace among white Wisconisn racists may be just what Trump needs.

The greater-Milwaukee region comprises the most segregated urban unit in the Untied States and is known for toxic, racial politics that has propelled Wisconsin Republicans to statewide elected office.

As noted in these pages, the segregated urban area in the country is infested with racist Republicans armed with, and forever deploying their racial taunts.

Wisconsin Republicans are white and proud of it.

Republicans want violence in the black areas of Milwaukee and the current titular governor of Wisconsin has made his political career on specific appeals to racism and fear.

No Republican is going to give up what works, and demonizing and preventing the lives of black folks is good politics.

Trump, the Alt-Right's Pepe and Scott Walker are three of a kind.

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