Aug 19, 2016

Wisconsin Republicans—Dirty Tricks, Racists and Voter Obstruction

Updated - "Our campaign has had to deal with millions of dollars in misleading, negative ads from the Koch network, but this is a new low. Republicans are getting desperate, and they've resorted to the dirtiest tactic in their playbook: sending a spy into our campaign headquarters. This person came into our campaign headquarters using a fake name, a fake story, and even a fake Facebook page to try and cover their tracks," says Sarah Lindstrom, Volunteer Coordinator for the Russ Feingold U.S. Senate campaign in an email this morning.

Republican dirty tricks combined with one of the most ambitious voter obstruction projects in the nation reveal two things: The nature of the white Republican party in Wisconsin, and the desperation of the white party.

Signing off for the weekend.

Wisconsin, be advised, even the most basic right, voting, is under assault.

Scott Walker is quoted in the Capital Times today, saying Republican-enacted restrictions on early voting are needed after these restrictions were struck down in late July as unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge James Peterson in One Wisconsin Now, Inc. v. Thomsen.

Peterson held a trial and after hearing evidence, testimony, and argument found these early-voting restrictions to be discriminatory. This is an extraordinary opinion, but in white Wisconsin the significance is lost on the politcal culture.

"Those were reasonable changes at the time ... ," Walker said, not specifying why these restrictions were reasonable in 2011, or explaining if these restrictions are not needed now in 2016, then what has changed.

Getting a straight answer out of Scott Walker, or a racist bureaucrat in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, is never a good bet.

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