Aug 24, 2016

Wisc DoJ Won't Seek SCOTUS Review, Another Win for Voting Rights v. GOP

Via One Wisconsin Now, "The Wisconsin Dept. of Justice announced late yesterday they will not appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to prevent our victories in court from being in place for this November's election. 'As we said before, we hope municipalities across the state will quickly move forward in offering expanded in-person absentee voting hours to ensure all Wisconsinites are able to exercise their right to vote,'" said Scot Ross of the One Wisconsin Institute.

Good week for voting rights prognosticating and analysis by our friends at Election Law blog:

Patrick Marley: 'AG Brad Schimel will not seek SCOTUS review of 7th Circuit’s early voting decision. Madison/Milwaukee plans for early voting in Sept stay in place.'

I had pegged the chances of emergency relief from the Supreme Court in this case as quite low.

A regular appeal of these rulings will go to the 7th Circuit.

Smart move by WI not to create additional uncertainty about early voting at this point.

UPDATE: Marley has more.

Voting begins Sept. 23.

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