Aug 3, 2016

Chicago Tribune Blockbuster on CAFOs—Unlivable, Cruel and Sociopathic

Thousands of northern Wisconsin residents are working to stop
operation of a pig CAFO that would devastate a pristine region
bordering Lake Superior and pristine lands
Image: Citizens Concerned about Lake Superior CAFOs
Update: "Nobody hangs their clothes out or keep their windows open," said Annette Harl.
From David Jackson and staff in the Chicago Tribune today:

Hundreds of large hog facilities have been constructed across Illinois in recent years, using a factory-like system to grow thousands of pigs and put inexpensive bacon on your plate.

But a Tribune investigation finds all that cheap meat is coming at great cost to rural communities.

Sickening odors imprison people in their homes. Vast lagoons of manure leak into streams and ponds, killing fish. And weak Illinois laws put few restrictions on pork producers who want to build and expand.
Jackson's work should earn his team a Pulitzer as this wide-ranging investigation gives hope to millions of residents who face fleeing multi-generational homes after Big Ag comes near their communities.

If media covers this tragedy, then Big Ag will face massive resistance and near-unanimous opposition.

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