Aug 22, 2016

CAFO Fighters Preparing for War in Wisconsin During Aug Dog Days

August is no time to begin a campaign or a marketing project, says cliched wisdom.

Actually, it is time, and clean water activists are working overtime to define two Wisconsin state assembly races in time for Labor Day.

From Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors this morning:

Protect Wood County and Its Neighbors is also a solid
supporter of the "Its Your Water Wisconsin" campaign
being promoted by the River Alliance, Wisconsin Lakes Group,
and The Central Sands Water Action Coalition.  

If you believe in the value of our water and need to protect it,
support this simple and specific Declaration of Principles
for Wisconsin's Water which can be found on the
Its Your Water Wisconsin  webpage.

Once Legislators come back into session a document 
will be shared with them showing the massive number of
supporters from across the state who are advocating for our
Wisconsin Waters.  Let your voice be heard - sign on today!

Its Your Water Wisconsin - Sign-on Form
Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is election season. As irritating as this can be, it will be followed immediately by a legislative session which is sure to see a tremendous amount of water bills presented right out out the gate. We need to start preparing NOW for the actions needed come January.

Building a statewide network of like minded individuals is essential as there will be state budget and legislative issues we will be forced to address. Having a united voice of thousands statewide is a much stronger force than a few hundred from our local area.

Listed [at right] are two different ways we can be unifying our voice across the state to advocate for clean air and water.  Please consider signing onto each campaign and registering your voice for protections of our Natural Resources.


Tonight - Monday August 22nd at 6:30PM is our Monthly Update Meeting.  Hope to see you there!
Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network Coalition
Protect Wood County & Its Neighbors has partnered with SRWN, [Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network Coalition], in creating a statewide coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting the economic, social, and cultural vitality of rural communities as well as the land, air, and water we depend on for happy healthy lives. 

Sustain Rural Wisconsin Network Coalition, (SRWN), is looking for both citizen individuals and community groups to join our network to assist in sharing our messages promoting environmental and social change.  Please share the news with any local groups you are connected with and encourage them to register their support. 

Together we will create a statewide network with a voice Legislators can no longer ignore.

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