Jul 11, 2016

Houston Police Gun Down Another Black Man, and Lie about It

Credit: Facebook, Alva Braziel
American police officers killing black men and lying about it is nothing new.

It happened again this weekend in Houston when police gunned down Alva Braziel.

The killer cops will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

From ThinkProgress:

Another black man was shot and killed by police in Texas early Saturday morning.

Houston Police said Alva Braziel was waving a gun around and pointed it at them when they opened fire. But surveillance footage from a nearby gas station suggests otherwise.

Going to make a prediction: The Houston Police Department and police union will not release a follow-up statement admitting the cops wrongfully killed another black man.

I'll make another prediction: There will be many more such killings of people by police.

Set yourself a Google alert using the keywords, Officer Involved Shooting, make the results comprehensive and you'll see what I mean.

Police do love shooting their weapons at black folks. Good sport.

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