Jul 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Air War Needs Innovation, Urgency Fast

Hillary Clinton and allies need to run compelling TV spots capturing the imagination and defining Donald Trump for swing-state audiences, (NYT), (AdWeek), (VB and P), (Droga5).

If this appears obvious, then someone explain the spot, Role Models, playing in swing states in the days before the start of the Convention, (AdWeek). [Convention line-up today]

Where is the message about the urgency and danger of Donald Trump?

Trump is a vulgar ass, and while I have no data nor wild guess about the communications strategy during Convention week, I'm betting Trump-the-vulgarian is sufficiently well-known across the electorate.

The American people like compelling conventional-media TV spots, innovative and clever. And this is the Super Bowl of politics.

So, with some 100 days left in the presidential campaign, a suggestion for the creative minds working for the Clinton juggernaut, millions of impressions of Bernie Sanders hounding Americans to vote for Hillary:

Coming out of the Convention, Bernie Sanders is featured warning about the dangers Donald Trump brings to the world.

Visuals behind Bernie illustrate Trump's damage to the U.S. economy, the world economy, Trump on the minimum wage, student loans, tax breaks for billionaires, Trump's hypocrisy on off-shoring, manufacturing jobs and so on.

Sober, serious, and grave, Bernie explains why he endorsed Hillary, (with some edgy music), and why working to defeat Donald Trump is the most important activity in modern political history.

"... I'm 75 now, and I will spend every moment I have these next 100 days, standing with the American people in this most critical election of the last 70 years. Let's stand together to defeat Donald Trump. Let's move forward and elect Hillary Clinton as president of the United States. Make no mistake, the very future of your children and my children are at stake here."

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