Jun 5, 2016

Wisconsin's Ron Kind's Broken Promise

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (Corporatist-Wisconsin) is among the worst of the anti-jobs campaign of the New Democrats.

This may cost Kind who faces a strong primary challenge from Myron Buchholz of Eau Claire.

From Berniecrats Unite! and Myron Buchholz

In a 2008 interview with the La Crosse Tribune, Kind said he’ll use his 'superdelegate' vote to support whichever candidate gets the majority among 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary voters. "I’m going to keep faith with the voters and respect their choice," said Kind.

Eight years later and Ron Kind has changed his tune. He continues to pledge his support for Hillary Clinton even though Bernie Sanders won the presidential primary in the 3rd Congressional district  by 61% to 39% over Hillary Clinton. That's unacceptable.

To date our campaign has influenced Kind to co-sponsor long-neglected environmental legislation, and to finally vote against endless war. Let's work together to insist that he pledge his 'superdelegate' vote for Bernie at the Democratic Party national convention in July. Here's a link to help you make your voice heard, lobbydelegates.com.

And please support our campaign. So far we've accomplished a lot together. There's no telling what we can accomplish on August 9th.

In Solidarity,


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