Jun 9, 2016

Wisconsin Towns—Saratoga, Rome—Promote Their Region, as Big Ag Targets Area for Destruction

No rational, healthy human being deals well when sociopaths live in their midst.

In central Wisconsin, the industrial agricultural operation, the Wysocki corporation, and its partners are doing their worst to upset residents and poison, (literally), the environment.

Long-time residents are fighting back as two small Wisconsin towns, Saratoga and Rome, are hitting the Net to promote the recreational and tourism attractions the central Wisconsin region holds dear.

Several citizens reached the last several days said their communities are experiencing feelings they find difficult to describe as Big Ag is willfully toxifying this picturesque area known as the Golden Sands.

Folks are not taking this lying down.

This writer has standing invitations this summer to fish on ponds and lakes, drink cold beer, and have some laughs.

Central Wisconsin invites the world to visit and enjoy life.

From Rome:
Weekend in Rome, Wisconsin

From Saratoga: Water is for all to share. It knows no town, county or state boundary.

The Town of Saratoga and its citizens are working hard to protect this wonderful resource for all. Please join us in our efforts to keep Golden Sands Dairy -- and any other entity that might threaten our resources -- out of Saratoga.

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