Jun 13, 2016

Killing Americans of Disfavored Sexuality Is as American as Apple Pie

All Muslims Bad, Bleat Liars and Lunatics

Corporate media did not pass up the opportunity to feature neocons and their ilk working as intelligence and national security consultants to help frame the massacre in Orlando, as if liars with a war axe to grind have anything to add to news coverage.

Those who work for human rights in the LGBTQ community would seem to be natural sources for historical and political perspective. Their voices are virtually absent in corporate coverage.

Mark David Stern offers critical historical context in his piece at Slate, The Long, Tragic History of Violence at LGBTQ Bars and Clubs in America. Perhaps Stern could be used as a source for corporate media to offer some perspective in its thus far atrocious coverage.

Nor did corporate media bother mentioning the anti-LGBT culture of the Republican Party now immersed in demonizing humans identifying with disfavored genders in an attempt to win individual states in which bigotry and hate predominate.

The United Kingdom issued a travel advisory some two months ago warning about American red states hostile to transgendered individuals.

The FBI is performing ineptly.

Florida and local law enforcement is getting very good at congratulating itself.

Human rights groups are shut of the corporate coverage.

From the ACLU:

We stand in solidarity with the LGBT community, which appears to have been the target of this attack. Our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones and with the entire suffering Central Florida community.

As we come together to heal from this tragedy, we must also continue to stand against any reaction to this horrific event that is rooted in hatred or bigotry in any form. We remain in solidarity with the Muslim community here in Florida and elsewhere.

Corporate media should feature the views from human rights groups to inform reporting on human rights atrocities. American killing of the LGBTQ community has a long and disgraceful history.

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