May 20, 2016

Plenty of Time for Queen of Chaos to Self-Destruct

The American people should know: You don't have to vote for Hillary Clinton and the neo-con, neo-lib predations against the world.

Vote Bernie Sanders.

Sanders and supporters have denied Clinton winning the Democratic Party nomination with pledged/won delegates against all odds and against a rigged system. There is no way Clinton can win the nomination with pledged delegates.

If in late July at the Democratic Convention in Philly, superdelegates are so deluded or corrupt as to install Hillary Clinton, there is a fall-back position.

"The guys running the show in the Democratic Party are basically the funders --- and that's predatory banks, fossil fuel giants, war profiteers, and insurance companies," Jill Stein tells the BradBlog. "With the Democratic Party you see basically a 'fake left-go right' situation, where they allow principled, inspired campaigns to stand up and be seen, but they sabotage them when push comes to shove. That, unfortunately, is what we see go on right now with the Sanders campaign, which is making a valiant effort here to do the right thing and change the party."

Superdelegates want to run the show in Philly, then walk out and work for a Stein-Sanders ticket.

Of course, Hillary Clinton could do the decent thing and suspend her campaign, but I would not count on Hillary Clinton doing the decent thing.

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