May 12, 2016

Bernie Sanders Should Stay and Fight

Bernie Sanders for president because our country and
our future are worth fighting for.
The failure of the corporate political press, emphatically MSNBC, to report Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC crafted the Democratic Presidential Primary to coronate Hillary Clinton ought not deter Bernie Sanders' run for the presidency.

Nor should the fact that the DNC has stacked the deck against Sanders at the Democratic National Convention by installing Clinton loyalists in key committees, (US Uncut).

Nor should the fact that the DNC employs Party commissars, aka superdelegates, precisely to halt progressive political campaigns like Bernie Sanders'.

Hillary Clinton has publicly trumpeted her amassed superdelegates since last August, effectively telling Democratic Primary voters the race is over, (Halperin, Epstein, Aug. 28, 2015; (BloombergPolitics)), months before the Iowa Caucuses and 11 months before the July 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Convention.

Bernie Sanders' supporters decided they would cast their preference in this republic anyway, the heck with Clinton's insiders and myriad Party careerists' support. Suckers for democracy are we.

Let's assume the Democratic Party's nominee against the lunatic Donald Trump is a genuine general election, and not prearranged theater like a wrestling match where the bad guy makes a lot of noise and throws the match to the good guy.

If Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC decide large swaths of American voters are neither welcome nor relevant to the Convention, and the evidence is such a decision has already been made, then Bernie Sanders, denied a fair shot at the nomination, should bolt in late July and make an independent or third party run for the presidency.

It's a democratic thing, and a welcome frack-you card to a corrupt and anti-democratic Democratic Party.

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