May 19, 2016

Advice to Hillary Clinton: Reign in Wasserman Schultz and Dem. Insiders

Only Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party could screw up a general election against Donald Trump.

Facing an outright fascist like Trump, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz decided the most effective communication to emit this week is to blast Bernie Sanders and the millions of Sanders advocates without whom any Democratic Party nominee is doomed.

Sanders, a life-long civil rights activist, understands the principle that without the people, especially the under-30 folks, (aka our future), no elected representative enjoys legitimacy or delivers effective public policy.

Public policy takes on heightened significance when considered in light of the fact our planet likely has passed a tipping point in the climatic change forcing event in which we load our atmosphere with emissions from fossil fuels, (with consequences made worse by associated feedbacks), (Hansen et al, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics).

Republicans have no regard for democratic, classical liberal niceties such as voting rights, one person/one vote principles, (Reynolds v. Sims (1964)), popular support, and open and transparent government, all of which are needed to combat suicidal special interests as a polity.

Republicans today seek at all levels of government to undermine popular influence on public policy, and at the same time voice support for a statist, authoritarian jurisprudence explicitly rejecting individual rights. And of course Republicans reject climatic science, and seek to eliminate the very mention of the topic in state government ruled by this science-adverse and corrupt Party, (Bence, WUWM Radio).

So, Hillary Clinton advocate and surrogate, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, decided the wisest course forward is to undermine democracy in the already deformed Democratic Party Presidential Primary, and more explicitly repeat the lies coming out of Nevada in an attempt to directly undermine Bernie Sanders' run for the presidency.

That Sanders is a champion for sustainable energy is not lost on Bernie Sanders' supporters, (Sanders on Energy Policy, Sanders on Climate Change).

Anyone telling you the race for the Democratic nomination for the presidency is over is kidding you. In eight weeks anything can happen, and Hillary Clinton and the DNC would not be trying to undermine Sanders if they believed otherwise.

Clinton and Wasserman Schultz should be focusing their energies on the future of our planet, not so much on defaming supporters of the guy championing science and the biosphere against lunatic-fringe special interests.

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